Ilana Rabinowitz

I'm a marketer and a writer.

I write about breaking business rules, thinking about the future, predicting trends, marketing and health.

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Why We Do Marketing

This is my favorite clip from all of the episodes of Mad Men.  As a marketer, it's the ideal. Don Draper's character tells a great story, shares something of himself--something he personally can re......

Marketing Without A Net

· Marketing By Principles, Not Rules ·...

How To Make Competition Irrelevant

Are you in the restaurant business? The shoe business? The yarn business? The consulting business?  If so, many thousands of others will be doing the same thing.  Your business challenge will be to......

5 Tips To Get (Real) Work Done Everyday

Thanks to Tea Silvestre, The Word Chef, for inviting me to participate in The Word Carnival, a monthly event where several bloggers write on the same topic.  This month, the prompt is about product......

How To Measure Sentiment In Social Media

If you're a big brand and people are talking about you everywhere online to the tune of millions of mentions, this may not apply.  What I'm talking about is how to know how people feel about your s......

How I Turned My Kindle Into A Blog Post Generator

I debated with myself about getting the first iPad.  I hadn’t used Apple products and the first iPad didn’t have much going for it beyond elegance, but when I went to the Apple store and saw a demo......

The Intangible Element Of Facebook Success

A good community manager of a Facebook business page is well versed in the mechanics of managing a Facebook page, knows how to use a calendar to plan posts and maintains a predictable schedule of p......